Underground Electric Dog Fence System Water Resistant w/ 3 Shock Collars

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Color: —– Black
Collar Strap Length: —– 26-50cm/10-19inch
Description: —– Our hidden fence system is the most reliable and affordable pet containment system on eBay. This system will help teach dogs what the safe playing boundaries are, and will keep your dog from dangerous areas like roads, pools or off-limits zones like neighbor’s gardens, flowerbeds etc. Easily bury the wire along the contours of the designated area, and put the receiver collar on your pet. The collar will detect the signals sent by the wire. When the dog is approaching the boundary, the collar will make a warning beep, reminding the dog to keep its distance. If the dog keeps going forward, the system will issue gradual increases of stimulus until the dog backs away. Gradually, it will learn to respect the boundaries and will learn what the safe area is.

Main Function:
Progressive tone stimulus —– When the dog comes close to the boundary, the system will issue a warning tone first, then a small shock stimulus after 4-10 seconds. If the dog continues to move closer to the boundary, the shock stimulus will increase.
Pulsed proportional stimulus —– The closer your dog gets to the boundary, the stronger the shock gets.
The variable field width control —– Turing the field width knob clockwise on the transmitter increases the signal filed width; turning counter-clockwise decreases the signal filed width. It allows you to precisely control the width of the signal field.
Audible and visual wire-break indicators —– When there is a wire break, the system will issue a loud sonic alarm accompanied by a flashing light.
Speed-detect anti run-through system —– The faster your dog is moving, the quicker intensity increases.
Multiple Collar Operation —– This electric fencing system comes with 3 collars which can be used on three dogs at the same time.
Containment area is up to 5,000 square meters (53,800 square feet), over 1.2 acres.

Please take a few minutes to go through the instruction manual.
The electronic collar is for dogs only.
Changing the batteries when low is important to prevent against intermittent operation.
Allow the dog to get used to the collar before activating the system. Let the dog wear the collar for several days, so the dog will not associate the collar with correction.
DO NOT allow your dog to wear the collar more than 12 hours at a time.
NEVER perform set-up procedures when the collar is on the dog.
The electronic collar should only be used under close supervision by the dog’s owner, especially the first couple of times.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Package includes:
1 X Indoor wall-mounted transmitter
1 X Power plug
3 X Adjustable receiver collars
3 X 6 volt batteries for collars
1 X Boundary wire of 300 meters
6 X Extra metal contact points
20 X Training flags
3 X Test bulbs
4 X Screws
1 X User’s manual


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