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Diablo II: Lord of Destruction” is an expansion pack of the action role-playing game Diablo II developed by Blizzard in the United States. It was released on June 29, 2001.

The expansion pack adds a fifth act scene, adds two new classes of druids and assassins, introduces upgraded templates and equipment columns for mercenaries, and adds a lot of items related to exclusive equipment, rune inlays, jewelry, And new monsters and plots that appear with new scenes.

The original version of Diablo II: King of Destruction continues the world background, and the plot follows the fourth act of the original.

In Act IV, the heroes enter Tyrrell’s Fortress with Tyrrell, and finally destroy Diablo in Hell, crushing Diablo and Mephisto’s soul stone in Hell.

After that, Barr and his demonic army began to besiege the Yarete Mountains. Due to the rebellion of Nirasek, Barr was able to bypass the ancients and go directly to the Stone Fortress of the World, and occupied the Stone of the World.

As the heroes of the player gradually pursued Barr’s whereabouts, he eventually defeated Barr and killed him in the World Stone Hall.

But then Archangel Tyrrell found that the World Stone was corroded and had to smash the World Stone into pieces. The explosion destroyed the entire Mount Yarret.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction is a role-playing game for mac. Here you can quickly and securely download this mac game. Game time when bored.

Diablo 2 mac games download

Role-playing Stand-alone game 

Version introduction of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Release Notes:

MacOS10.15 Catalina latest system is now supported!

1. MacOS10.13–10.14 system is 1.13C high explosion rate version ( high definition, including full-level perfect archive ) + 1.14A original (non- HD, without archive )
2. MacOS 10.15 system is 1.14D original (non- HD With perfect archives at full level )

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